annoying afterlife

Everlost by Neal Schusterman (313 pgs) 2006

Writers who have no idea how teenagers think or talk should not be allowed to write YA.  An interesting premise: kids under 17 are stranded in a no man’s land afterlife if they get distracted and miss the white light at the end of the tunnel.  The author does build the world in interesting ways: if you stop moving anywhere but a ‘dead spot’ you start sinking, kids who forget what they look like alter their bodies, if you have the talent you can ‘skin-jack’ the living.  Disappointingly, the dialogue is literally eye-rolling.   I’d recommend it to kids looking for a cool adventure or with an interest in the afterlife.  While definitely not for the critical or ‘literate’ (hate that word) reader, the story was interesting enough for me to skim-read.


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