disapointment city

Black Monday  by Scott Reiss  (342 pgs/ read 15) 2007

Blurbs can make you believe anything.  Including that the new “thriller” might actually thrill.  Great story idea (already optioned for a film, the book jacket tells me), but crappy crappy  writing.  When a microbe attacks the world’s oil, causing all machines to fail, it’s up to Mr. Wonderful CDC epidemic-hunter to prove he’s right and everyone else is wrong and save the world.  In addition to crappy writing (especially the sex scene- shudder) there is no character arc.  Main dude starts out the perfect, tries to convince all the rubes that he’s right and perfect, and ends with everyone realizing how perfect he is when he saves the world despite the nay-sayers.  I was hoping for The Ruins (Scott Smith) and got Cell (Stephen King).  Blech.


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