vase time

The Collector Collector  by Tibor Fischer (221 pgs) 1997

A snappy novel from the most unique point of view- a vase.  The narrator literally is a vase.  Or rather a shapeshifting demi-god disguised as a vase.

Written in a quirky patter I’d coin sunny Noir or tongue-in-cheekiness, The Collector Collector is light-heartedly enjoyable.  Phrases like “the light alit” and “Rosa de-beds and days herself” spatter every page. 

We meet the vase when it comes to it’s current resting spot in art assessor Rosa’s home.  There we get a “vase-eye” view of the goings-on of Rosa (who has trapped a romance columnist in a well) and the free-loading, couch-surfing Nikki (who keeps faking burgleries so she can sell Rosa’s belonging.)  The book is a light-hearted romp, interspersed with vase-ic flashbacks throughout centuries and the vase’s matter-of-fact cataloging of human experience.


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