the talented ms. clementine

The Talented Clementine  by Sara Pennypacker, illustrations by Marla Frazee (137 pgs) 2007

This second entry in the (hopefully long-running) series finds Clementine stressed about the upcoming talent show.  She can’t think of a single thing she could do on stage.  She tries out a few of her best friend Margaret’s talents (she has so many she doesn’t need them all) with disastrous results.  Who knew you couldn’t take all the caps off 40 bottles to make tap shoes?  Well, actually you can.  But they’re hard to dance in.  

And her dad’s suggestions are no help- you can’t plot a great pigeon war, or make your brother laugh for an audience.  And even though she IS the queen of noticing things, that’s not real easy to do on stage either.

Clementine finds herself on the night of the show without a talent.  Only to discover she had one all along. 


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