diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Summer at Tiffany  by Marjorie Hart (258 pgs) 2007

Another NPR gem, this slender bio was penned by a 83-yr-old remembering the best summer of her life.  Bursting with wide-eyed exuberance, small-town Marjorie recalls the summer of 1945 that she and a college friend spent in New York City.  To their amazement they gained employ as pages at Tiffany & Co, becoming the first women ever on the sales floor.

Marjorie takes as much joy from the simple pleasures as she does from her brushes with history.  She sparkles with wonder as she recounts glimpses of the stars and social elite who graced the doors of Tiffany.  And she blissfully recalls heading downtown to get a glimpse of the small plane that struck the Empire State Building, and joining 50,000 other celebrants in Times Square on V-day.  Yet even simple anecdotes like going for desert at a prestigious restuarant or dropping a box of pearls in the elevator become grand adventures through Marjorie’s eyes. 


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