dynamic duos & unos (July graphic novels)

In the category of stellar team-ups we have:

The Professor’s Daughter  written by Joann Sfar, art by Emmanuel Guibert

A bit of role reversal for Sfar and Guibert- Guibert’s watercolors are a pleasant surprise.  Fun little romantic romp featuring the aforementioned professor’s daughter and the mummy from daddy’s exibit. 

Fell vol 1: Feral City  written by Warren Ellis, art by Ben Templesmith

It’s surprising that these two have never teamed up before; Templesmith’s art envisions Ellis’ dark vision with aplomb.  I look forward to more of anti-hero detective Fell and the slummy Snowtown.

Wasteland vol1: Cities in Dust  written by Antony Johnston, art by Christopher Mitten

Another great team-up.  Reminiscent of Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder  series, the post-apocalptic dystopia of Wasteland is truly engrossing. 

And the one-man-wonders are:

Lone Racer  by Nicolas Mahler

Simple line drawing allow the quirky story of the fading racing champ who won’t just won’t quit to shine.

Midnight Opera vols 2 & 3  by Hans Steinbach

These entries in the goth vampire saga allow Steinbach’s ease with innovative layout and P.O.V to shine.

Ex Machina vol 5: Smoke, Smoke  written by Brian K. Vaughan

Mayor Hundred must deal with a robber masquerading as a fireman and the city’s drug laws.

Y, the Last Man vol 9: Motherland  written by Brian K. Vaughan 

Looks like the series is gearing up for the end, revealing the cause of the man-killing plague in this installment. 


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