when walden goes wrong

Kitty Takes a Holiday  by Carrie Vaughn 2007 (272 pgs)

When the pressure of being a publicly-identified werewolf gets to be too much for Kitty she retires to a cabin in the woods to destress and write her memoirs.  But she finds it’s hard to maintain your Waldenesque calm when someone keeps leaving skinned animals and bloody crosses on your doorstep. 

As if that wasn’t enough, a couple of friends in crisis show up- one a professional werewolf hunter and the other a newly-bitten werewolf on the edge of his first change.  Toss in a curandero (medicine man), a skinwalker, a few curses, some unfriendly townfolk, and the every day hazards of being a werewolf in a man’s world and it makes for a particularly unrestful retreat.


3 responses to “when walden goes wrong

  1. I’ve never read a book about werewolves but this does sound interesting. Would you say its more of a horror/thriller type book, or fantasy? I’m interested to try it.

  2. I’d say it’s more of a light fantasy, not quite chick-lit but it’s close. It can be read alone, but it is third in a series so you may want to start with Kitty and the Midnight Hour. If you’ve never read a werewolf book I’d also recommend Benighted by Kit Whitfield posted Aug 15- it’s kind of a noirish To Kill a Mockingbird with werewolves; the focus is on prejudice and culture clash rather than werewolves.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m definitely going to give Benighted a try and see what I think.

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