mi comic es su comic

Not a lot of gn reading going on lately.  Here’s the last 2+ months worth.

Crossing Midnight vol 1: Cut Here  by Mike Carey, etal

A new series from one of my favorite writers. Bonus: cover art by J. H. Williams III. Twin teens born on either side of midnight discover they’re tied up in a world of kami and destiny.

The Plain Janes  by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg

The new girl teams up with the misfits (always the most interesting people anyway) to stage “art attacks”- creative projects like putting hats & scarfs on the fire hydrants or wrapping all of downtown in brown paper & bows.

Clubbing  written by Andi Watson, art by Josh Howard

A fun-loving London club girl gets shipped off to the grandparents’ countryside golf course for the summer.  Green acres sure ain’t the place for this goth girl.   

The Magic Bottle  by Camille Rose Garcia

Great pop surrealist art.  The story lost me a bit.

The Tale of Genji  adapted & illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano

I’m not sure how you turn a 1000+ page book into a mostly-illustrated 79 pages, but I didn’t care since it was Amano.  I love the way he draws women- just a pale stretch of face or hand surrounded by a sea of color.  Beautiful. 

Runaways: Vol 1 & 2  by Brian K. Vaughn

Mostly a re-read of this great series that I’d caught in the smaller volumes, but I’d managed to miss a few. 

Fable vol 9: Sons of Empire  by Bill Willingham

Continuing one of the most evolved series currently running.  Most of the book was a giant wind-up culminating in the Adversary forces delaying their invasion plans.  I’d like to see some real battles at this point.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter vol 1: Guilty Pleasures  witten by Laurell K. Hamilton, art by Brett Booth

Mleh.  I’m a big fan of the Hamiltons books and the art looked great, but I was disappointed.  Sure it’s full of pretty boys but the adaptation was only so-so and since the comic ends only a couple chapters into the first book, it’ll make for an extremely long series.

Finder: Five Crazy Women  by Carla Speed McNeill

I have a new favorite store.  Not only were there shelves of Humanoids books (more than I ‘ve seen anywhere before) but they had several volumes of this hard-to-find series that I didn’t have yet.  Yay! 

Bizenghast vol 3  by M. Alice LeGrow

Excellent OE Manga.  Very gothic and atmospheric with the requisite quests and a hilarious sidekick demon.  I love that LeGrow is also a fangirl- she includes pictures of recenct cosplay costumes she’s created.


One response to “mi comic es su comic

  1. The Amano “Tale of Genji” sounds great. Thomas Harris’s most recent novel, “Hannibal Rising,” has a character named Lady Muraski, a namesake of its author.

    Harris’s book was pretty roundly panned by critics (including this one). But it might spark interest in Lady M. And it sounds as thought the Amano book could be a good one for people who got interested in her via Harris but aren’t sure they want to read 1,000 pages. Thanks so much for mentioning it (and the blogroll, too).
    Jan Harayda
    One-Minute Book Reviews

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