walking in a nuclear winter wonderland

Into the Forest  by Jean Hegland 2007 (241 pgs)

Living a slightly bohemian existance in their woodland home, two teenage sisters hardly notice at first when civilization slowly disintegrates.  Interruptions of phone and electricity services and access to gasoline and food products are mere inconveniences that they slowly adapt to; when they disappear altogether the sisters are barely affected.

With no known world outside their home, each of the sisters turns to their individual obsessions.  The eldest dances the light away, clinging to her dream of joining a ballet company.  The younger, run out of study materials, prepares for her goal of attending Harvard by turning to the only books left- the encyclopedia set. With absolute faith, the sisters mark time waiting for normalcy to return. 

Despite some eye-rollingly “oh come on!” plot turns, it’s fairly enjoyable post-apocalyptic fiction.


One response to “walking in a nuclear winter wonderland

  1. I really enjoyed this book myself.

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