Worlds of Amano  by Yoshitaka Amano 2004/2006 US

I don’t buy many books. I read too heavily to support my “habit” with anything but library books. I tend to purchase my favorites after I’ve read them, while visions of re-reading are dancing in my head. My weakness is graphic novels- I love “owning” the art that I admire.  If I can’t afford to put it on my walls, at least I can hold it in my hand. Amano’s graphic novel work, specifically Sandman: The Dream Hunters,  was my original introduction to his work. This art book, a compilation drawing from several of his projects, is my latest purchase.

Amano’s art is compelling. His central motif is an aloof, melancholy woman surrounded by a sea of elaborate, diaphanous cloth. Rarely does he provide a full figure- a face, a hand, an occasional foot float like masks. The faces are almost incomplete, mere thin brushstrokes, and mostly colorless. All lines and an excess of color lead the eye to that blank spot, an absence of color. The result is dually of removed emphasis and hyper-focus. 


One response to “Amano

  1. My reasons for heavy public library use and purchasing choices are exactly the same as yours! I only buy books I have loved and know I will cherish reading again.

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