girls just wanna have GNs

Strangers in Paradise, vol 19: Ever After by Terry Moore 2007

The final chapter of the SIP saga- one of my favorite series. Moore writes the most believable characters, and lovingly illustrates them.

Checkmate, vol 1: A King’s Game  written by Greg Rucka, art by Jesus Saiz 2007

I gave it a try because I’m a huge Rucka fan, but I couldn’t hack it. Seems like a slick story for someone who knows 30 years of backstory necessary to enjoy a DC/Marvel comic.

Fallen Angel, vol 2: To Serve in Hell  &  vol 3: Back in Noire  written by Peter David, art by J. K. Woodward, both 2007

Mysterious little vignettes set in a mysterious city, featuring- you guessed it- a mysterious woman with mysterious powers. All mocking aside, I enjoy this series, even if I don’t know what’s going on.

Invasion of the Mind Sappers  by Carol Swain 1995

Weird little semi-enjoyable alien invasion/teenage alienation story from the creator of the much more effective Foodboy.

Villains, vol 1: Thick as Thieves  by Adam Cogan and Ryan Cody 2006

Finally someone is putting the focus where it belongs- on the supervillians. Reprehensible loser blackmails a post-prison supervillian into teaching him the biz. Let the double-crossing commence.

Manhunter, vol 1: Street Justice  written by Marc Andreyko 2005

Excellent start to a series with the most rounded character treatment since Morrison’s Animal Man. Frustrated with the system’s failures to stop supervillians, public prosecutor Kate Spencer doesn’t turn bitter- she turns vigilante.

Garage Band  by Gipi 2005/US 2007

Gipi superbly captures the teen garage band experience- the arrogance and insecurity, the way boys talk to each other, the consuming conviction that they will be stars, the postures and facial expressions of rocking out. You’d never even know he was talking about Italy.

Shortcomings  by Adrian Tomine 2007

A compelling story of relationship disintegration overlaid by a subtle and realistic portrait of racism and prejudice.

The Louche and Insalubrious Escapades of Art d’Ecco  by Andrew & Roger Langridge 2006

Chuckle-worthy absurdity, with broadly winking nods to everyone from Munch to Marx (Karl & Groucho). And yes, I had to look up definitions for both “louche” (disreputable or sordid in a rakish or appealing way) and “insalubrious” (unpleasant, run-down, unhealthy).


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