it’s all geek to me

Essex County, vol 2: Ghost Stories  by Jeff Lemire 2007

Moving meditation on loneliness and growing old, filled with reminiscence and regret, big dreams and betrayal.

Manhunter, vol 2: Trial by Fire  written by Marc Andreyko, various artists 2007

Kate learns she’s the latest in a long line of Manhunters and someone is tracking all the old ones and killing them.

Robot Dreams  by Sara Varon 2007

It’s a classic tale: dog builds robot, dog and robot go swimming, robot rusts and spends a year abandoned at the beach. Cute wordless story.

DMZ, vol 3: Public Works  written by Brian Wood, art by Riccardo Burchielli 2007

Undercover journalist Maddy digs deep into the conspiracy and corruption of a New York turned war zone.

Flight Volume 4  directed by Kazu Kibuishi 2007

Favorites: Kazu Kibuishi, naturally- wonderful, magical story about window dioramas.  Newly discovered: Michael Gagne and Lark Pien. Graham Annable, as always. I recently discovered his YouTube movies- the man is a comic genius. Clio Chang offers a wonderful twist to Red Riding Hood. Ryan Estrada’s character has a very un-zen encounter with his spirit animal. Andrea Offermann has a style vaguely reminiscent of one of my favorite artists- Francois Schuiten. The most compelling is Sarah Mensinga’s fable of a girl who locks herself in a magic box to escape her grief. Great art too (similar to Tara McPherson). The award for funniest definitely goes to Scott Campbell for “Igloo Head and Tree Head.” Hilarious!


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