torch well-passed

Dragonsblood  by Todd McCaffrey 2005 (438 pgs)

Pern is in good hands. With his first solo effort, Todd McCaffrey has aptly taken over his mother Ann’s long-running dragon series. Not only is his imagining of that rich world spot-on, but he clearly has a wealth of story ideas. The characters are well-developed, and the plots are top-notch. He deftly manages the technobabble, presenting complex information in a manner that is neither dumbed-down nor incomprehensible. And his dextrous time-jump juggling is stellar.


2 responses to “torch well-passed

  1. You sparked my interest about this book, but then I read more reviews and quite a number of them were poor, for stated reasons I’m afraid I’d agree with. I’m doubtful if I want to try it… very leery of son taking up the mother’s mantle.

  2. I was leery as well, and it’s true there are some stutters and slight dissonance when compared to his mother’s work. But I think it accomplishes what any novel should- tell a good story well. I think it’s a solid effort regardless of the associated history.

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