comics make the heart grow fonder

Edmund and Rosemary Go To Hell: A Story of Our Times with (Hopefully) Some Hope for Us All  by Bruce Eric Kaplan 2007

A very New-Yorkery tale from a New Yorker cartoonist about discovering you’re not going to go to hell, because you’re already there.

Futurama Adventures  by Matt Groening, etal 2004

Reminiscent enough of the hilarious cartoon series to be mildly amusing.

Thunderhead Underground Falls  by Joel Orff 2007

Winsome woodcut-style rumination on love found too late and the hidden cost of enlisting in the army.

Batman. Snow  story by J.H. Williams III and Dan Curtis Johnson, art by Seth Fisher 2005

Picked it up assuming that Williams’ name on the cover meant I’d be treated to some of his stunning art and page layouts. Ah well.

John Woo’s 7 Brothers, vol 1  created by John Woo, script by Garth Ennis, art by Jeevan Kang 2007

A story of magic, genetic destiny, and the end of the world. Excellent. The plot, characters, and dialogue are all top-notch. And the art is fantastic, kind of like a blend of Francois Schuiten and Yoshitaka Amano (who incidentally does the covers.)

The Three Paradoxes  by Paul Hornschemeier 2007

Superbly plotted, quietly reminiscent biopic tale of going home again, intercut with scenes of the frustrated artistic process. The use of cartoonish art for the childhood flashbacks is especially effective. One of my favorite comics in quite a while.


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