don’t have to live like a refugee

The Necessary Beggar  by Susan Palwick 2005 (316 pgs)

Excellent tale of the refugee experience, chronicling the toll that adaptation takes and the hidden cost of secrets. When one of their number is exiled for murder, an extended family steps through the doorway to an unknown alternate dimension- ours. Together, they must learn to adapt to this new world, first in a refugee camp and then in the larger world. The acculturation process is not an easy one for everything here is truly alien to them. The family strives to fit in without loosing their own identities. The journey is an enjoyable one, spiced with foreign flair, strong voices, and a dash of magic.


4 responses to “don’t have to live like a refugee

  1. Sounds interesting. Where is the family from.. outer space? Or just a foreign country?

  2. The family is from a “parallel dimension” that’s similar to pre-industrial Middle Eastern barter- and trade-based (yet intellectually sophisticated) cultures. I thought of classical Alexandria-era Egypt. I feel I didn’t do the book justice, but that’s what I get for writing while flu-addled.

  3. I loved this book. Susan Palwick my new favorite “sci-fi-ish” author. You should read Shelter next.

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