i’ve always relied on the kindness of comics

Queen & Country vol 8: Operation- Red Pandawritten by Greg Rucka, art by Chris Samnee 2007

Rucka consistently writes solid espionage and presient politics. This round, a hostage situation triggers Tara’s PTSD as she deals with the aftermath of her lover’s death.

Jack of Fables vol 2: Jack of Heartswritten by Bill Willingham, various artists 2007

Jack heads to Vegas. Pretty amusing, but I’m ready for Willingham to get back to Fables.

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. vol 2: I Kick Your Facewritten by Warren Ellis, art by Stuart Immonen 2007

This series cracks me up- a madcap send-up of classic superhero comics that’s like a low-rent version of SHIELD, complete with over-the-top villain, inept superheros, and ridiculous foes.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 vol 1: The Long Way Homewritten by Joss Wheden, various artists 2007

A fun look at the slayer universe post-Sunnydale. We get to see what the slayers have been up to, introduces new villains, and checks in with our favorite characters. The writing and dialogue are just as snappy as the TV version, and the plot-lines promise lots of fun to come. Makes me wish the show was still showing weekly.

War Fix  written by David Axe, art by Steve Olexa 2006

A semi-biographical look at a boy who grows up inundated by war images in the media, which results in an addiction to violence and a career as a war reporter.

Chance in Hell  by Gilbert Hernandez 2007

Gilbert’s second solo project is the story of an orphan girl growing up in a slum, traumatized by the brutality around her, but also somewhat protected by her fellow residents.

The Clarence Principle  written by Fehed Said, art by Shari Chankhamma 2007

Strange story of a post-suicide down-the-rabbit-hole style purgatory with individually tailored hells.

Southland Tales, vol 1: Two Roads Diverge & vol 2: Fingerprints  written by Richard Kelly, art by Brett Weldele 2006

Picked this up because of the interesting Ben Templesmith-ish and wasn’t aware until halfway through that these volumes (with a third) constitute a prequel for a film from the Donnie Darko director. Somewhat nonsensical tale of time-jumping, apocalypse, and destiny. But enjoyable.


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