good things come in small packages

Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories  2006 (227 pgs)

I typically won’t read an entire short story collection, but these stories are so quick (all under 3 pages!) it’s hard to skip any. A couple memorable ones were a tale about the fate of the orange who ruled the world by Benjamin Rosenbaum and story from Etgar Keret about a woman who tries to halt the dissolution of her marriage with superglue. And a truly resonate story that I read several time is Before the Bath by Ismail Kadare. It’s a looping thought-process narrative of Agamemnon, reliving the last couple minutes of his life over and over, as he is murdered (deservedly, for offering their only daughter as a sacrifice) by his wife the first day he returns from the Trojan war. It’s a stunningly powerful piece of story-telling, as he realizes over and over that he’s about to die.


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