if i could buy the world a comic

Oodles of GNs…

The Escapistsby Brian K. Vaughan, etal 2007

I’ve steered clear of Michael Chabon’s Escapist series, cause pulp-era comics make me wanna run screaming from the room. But I’m glad I picked this one up at a co-worker’s insistence. The tale is more about the creative process of comic creators than the actual hero The Escapist, and is as delightfully meta as Grant Morrison’s Animal Man arc.

Bookhunter by Jason Shiga 2007

Chuckle-some saga of theft and the swift justice of the library police, featuring high-octane reverse-directorizing from the back of a speeding bookmobile, a duel with card catalog drawers, and other librarical action.

DMZ vol 4: Friendly Fire written by Brian Wood, with various artists 2008

The NY war zone gets worse, as journalist gone native Matt Roth digs into a massive civilian slaughter by US troops. The stories are brutal and gritty and full of truth. Nobody wins in this war, and further entrenchment and disintegration on all sides seem the only possibilities. Remind you of any other war?

The Arrival by Shaun Tan 2007

An arresting wordless woodcut-style that resonates with the feelings of the alienation and overwhelming disorientation of a recent immigrant, told with fantastical, real-seeming un-real illustrations.

The Last Musketeer by Jason 2008

How genius can you get- the Musketeers are immortal (and because it’s Jason, they’re anthropomorphized animals). In our century, Athos is a drunken wino, nostalgically longing for the days when he was a hero. And then he gets his chance when he stumbles upon invading Martians intent on destroying the world.

Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks 2007

College students during finals begin turning into mindless, slobbering freaks. And then things get really bad when they turn into zombies. A hilarious, self-aware love-letter to the zombie genre. The survivors are led by a zombie film addict, who’s studied them and knows who survives. Allllll the cliches are thrown in, but the characters know it.

Skim written by Mariko Tamaki, art by Jillian Tamaki 2008

A Japanese-Canadian, would-be-Wiccan, arty goth girl deals with your average teenage angst in this above-average GN. Kim, nicknamed Skim, struggles with falling apart from her best friend, falling in love with her (female) English teacher, and falling into depression. The art is great, and topics like suicide, teen sexuality, and gender identity are handled multi-facetly rather than with typical “issue of the week” After-School-Special moralizing.

The Number: 73304-23-4153-6-96-8by Thomas Ott 2007

Noirish, wordless tale of a man who stumbles upon a number, dropped from the hand of a condemned man at the moment of his electrocution. The number seems to eerily reproduce itself in his surroundings. He sees it everywhere, and when he follows the sequence it at first appears to lead to good luck. But when he begins to let it control his decisions, his life soon spirals into disastrous circumstances.

Water Baby by Ross Campbell 2008

Anti-hero, rude-grrl, surfer Brody gets her leg chomped off by a shark. She’s impossible to pity, not only because she’s just as fearless as before, but because she’d pound your face in if you tried. Sick of her shark-infested nightmares, frustrating physical therapy, and her couch-surfing loser ex-boyfriend, Brody and her best friend, and said loser ex-BF set out on a furious road trip to get rid of the loser.


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