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number one with a silver bullet

Kitty and the Silver Bullet by Carrie Vaughan (#4 in the Kitty Norville series) 2008 (326 pgs)

When her mom calls with a cancer scare, werewolf DJ Kitty breaks her banishment from Denver and risks the wrath of her former Alpha to rush to her mom’s side. And then things get complicated. Kitty finds herself smack dab in the middle of not just a werewolf power struggle, but a vampire one as well. Kitty has to figure out who’s pulling the strings; how to keep from becoming anyone’s pawn; and keep herself, her boyfriend, and her family alive in the process.


visions of ghostlings dance in my head

Touch the Dark by Karen Chance 2006 (307 pgs)

Mediocre vamp novel with a clairvoyant heroine gaining increasing power over the spirit world. The writing is a bit obtuse and meandering. And the author has an annoying tendency to make a vamp out of every historical figure she can think of- throwing Cleopatra, Rasputin, and Jack the Ripper in the same room.

blood is thicker

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard 2007 (320 pgs)

Ariella doesn’t realize what a sheltered life she’s led for her first thirteen years until she’s introduced to the wider world through her housekeeper’s family. She makes her first friend, has her first kiss, becomes enthralled by the horses at the nearby track, and generally learns what it is to be involved in the world. She also begins to wonder what became of her mother and why her father is so mysterious and otherworldly.

Yup, dad’s a vampire. And because Ariella is the child of a vampire and a human, no one knows quite what she will become. So she sets off to search for her mother and discover her own identity.

Enjoyable, quick read. The characters are exceptionally well developed, with even peripheral characters are fully sketched and well-drawn. I’ll definitely pick up the sequel.

an american werewolf in DC

Kitty Goes to Washington  by Carrie Vaughn (#2 in Kitty Norville series) 2006 (342 pgs)

When she’s called on to testify at a Senate hearing on the paranormal, Kitty finds herself facing off with foes both human and not so human. In the “definite enemy” camp, there’s a vitriolic senator looking to bring back the good ol’ McCarthy days, and the eerie leader of a revival-like cult of born-again vampires and werewolves. In the “are they or aren’t they” category, there’s the vampire mistress of the city who insists that Kitty accept her hospitality, and a paranormal researcher with nebulous motivations. Luckily, Kitty’s got friends too.

total eclipse of the heart

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (#3 in the Twilight novels) 2007 (629 pgs)

I’m not exactly the target audience (witness the use of a cheesy 80s song for the post title.) Nevertheless, I do enjoy revisiting the land of teeny angst and drama occasionally.

This third entry finds Bella in an emotional tug of war between her vampire boyfriend Edward and her werewolf best friend Jacob (who’s naturally in love with her). Add in the necessity of keeping their world a secret, a vampire in search of vengeange, and rampaging spree killers in nearby Seattle. Stir. And enjoy.

the light through yonder window

New Moon  by Stephanie Meyer (563 pgs) 2006

It’s tricky to write a romance when half the couple is absent (unless you count auditory hallucinations) for nearly the entirety of the book.  Or I guess that leaves room for more angsty longing.  Meyer’s depiction of adolescent heartbreak is spot on and the story is entertaining despite the lack o’ loving.

When Edward and his vampire clan pull up stakes with the grandiose intent of making Bella’s life a safer, happier one- the plan of course backfires.  Bella is flattened, left drowning in despair for the better part of a year.  The only thing that returns her to some semblance of her former functioning self is her friendship with Jacob.  Only he’s not exactly a normal human himself.  Enter peril and near death experiences ultimately leading to the lovers’ reunion.  And leaving Bella stuck with a dilemma of damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t proportions regarding her continued humanity.

a checkered past

The Harlequin  by Laurell K. Hamilton (422 pgs) 2007  (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter #15)

Mmm, brain candy. 

This round, Anita and her merry men are under threat from the mysterious Harlequin- the vampire court’s boogeymen/policing entity.