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you decide what is real, and what is illusion

Obedience by Will Lavender 2008 (287 pgs)

Students in a Logic and Reasoning class are asked to solve a hypothetical kidnapping before it becomes murder. The plot begins simply, but soon builds to a puzzle of cunning intricacy. Supposedly fictional characters start intruding on real life, and there are hints of a decade-old real murder nearby that bears striking similarity to the fictional case. Soon, three of the students (along with the reader) start to question what is real and whether there will soon be another murder. A great puzzle book that left kept me in a state of brain-buzz on a par with a good sudoku or crossword puzzle.


make you an offering you can’t refuse

Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient Peru  edited by Elizabeth P. Benson and Anita G. Cook 2001 (211 pgs)

More accessible than you’d think, the intriguing essays by various experts focus on textile, pottery, and forensic evidence of sacrifice among the pre-Incan societies in Peru.